Do the things you afraid to do….

I used as a title quote from my favourite motivational song / speech… I won the most of good things in my life following this rule. I won my husband 😉 as i invited him for a prom two months later after we met and haven’t spoken at all 😊.

I’ve got my son where my pregnancy was difficult, I was 19. I finished it technician course being a young mum; started my own business.

Investing in business despite having no money, closing business due to poor health… Going abroad alone to earn money and take it back to Poland… Staying in the UK and taking my family with me, renting a flat and buying a car a few months after…

There are many things which I can be proud about. At least they are a good reason for me. I fight my demons, my body and my mind.. going forward I’m not planning to stop.

This week after a month of thinking I went to gym… Just for a walk around but I finally decided to go and face my fears… I’m fat, not overweight, just fat… And I need to do something about it because I’m the only person who can do something about it so I’m doing. I’m afraid. Not gonna lie, Monday is my test hour and I’ll need to face my demons. Wish me luck guys!


A farm in UK – my dream

Since I was little I was in love with a farm life, freedom and responsibilities. I was born in Poland and first 19 years of my life I spent on farm, helping my family to grow vegetables, fruits, care about animals, cook food and work on a field.

Collecting eggs, milking a cow or picking mushrooms, this was something I was doing on daily basis. Really enjoying this type of life.

I have moved to UK with my family in 2014, to start from fresh. I started to climb on the career ladder, hard from beginning, long way but finally I have reached the level I was keep trying to achieve…

I am very successful, jumped over 5 steps on the career ladder in past 3 years. I was sure, that achieving that much will make me so happy but it didn’t. I love my job, there is no doubt, but I do have a feeling in my gut that this path is not mine despite enjoying it. I always dreamt about farm life, growing, foraging and picking…

I feel inside that nature, farming, food etc is the life I would love to live. My husband is in love with this life as well. We have set up fundraising in gofundme to help us achieve our dreams.

This is the link to our fundraising, there are some extras for good people who want to support our goal.

We would like to have a farm in UK, producing eggs, veggies, fruits, plants, herbs and mushrooms. Invite people to give them farm experience.

I bake bread, cook, grow vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, picking mushrooms and herbs, already. I would like to share my experience with others. Show them how beautiful and satisfying this kind of life can be.

Please help us to achieve our dreams if you can!

Kalanchoe ointment for scars and healing skin

I have been reading a lot about wonderful properties of kalanchoe pinnata and daigremontiana. It took me a while to find and buy them, a little bit longer while to grow them to the size where can be use for ointments.

I am preparing two different types of ointments, one based on goose fat for deeper penetration in the skin and second, plant based, vitamin E oil, Shea butter and avocado butter. All ingredients are organic, unrefined.

First and main rule, plant cannot touch metal.

I use porcelain knifes, wooden chopping board and marble mortal and pestle. Hair net, face mask and gloves are important to make sure ointment is not contaminated.

I add base in the glass bowl to make it melt, add washed and chopped kalanchoe, make it heat for an hour over the water bath.

After an hour I drain the liquid through the cloth to containers for ointment. I have put them aside to let it cool before I’ll put lids on.

After its cooled I keep it in the fridge, just one on goose fat. Plant based I keep in room temperature so it’s in perfect spreadable state.

Left side goose fat based, right plant based.

I use it as a Super moisturizer, like for cracked skin. I used this ointment for scar after surgery. Also, on peeling skin, which don’t want to heal.